How can I have one store with many designs?

Sophio's CMS supports a simple yet powerful feature that allows you to test multiple designs you have at your store.   Add the parameter &mastertemplate=design-001 to any  link at your store  and if you have a folder called 'design' and a folder below that called design-001 your site will use that design on each page thereafter.  The system stores the 'mastertemplate' name in your session record.  All other visitors to the site will use the configured design. 

A slick use of this feature might be for a car dealer who has two sites.  Site 1 is the primary car dealer site that has a menu option for 'parts'.  Rather than taking the user out of that site and into a Site 2, the dealer might create a page that has an iframe on it that points to the Sophio store.  The url might look like this: - When that link is clicked the catalog will display without a design around it.  Other visitors who come to the site without mastertemplate=design-iframe will see the intended 'full store' design which looks like this:

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