Can we use our own image images with the catalog search results?

When a search result is generated by our CMS we look in two fields for image references. These are wws_items.image and wws_items.ownimage. The images will be stored in these fields as URL references. For example, you might see: If you are using a third party catalog, you will see references to their images.

If you want to contribute your own images at the part number-level, you can do so by using the 'upload images' feature found on the inventory menu. When you do this, the system will store the image in a folder called 'itemimages' and will generate a URL to the image. The URL will be stored in the field 'ownimage', and you can contribute as many as you like. Each image URL will be stored on its own line, and the search result pages will display thumbnails for each.

We have some advanced settings that can control which image to show. The default is for both.

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