How do I include Facebook and/or Twitter in my site?

We have a few ways to accomplish this. First off, be sure to visit your site's Store Settings page. The page for that is storesetup.wws. Add the page to your URL, for example: You will need to be an Administrator to access it. Once logged in, click the tab labeled 'Social' and you will see many different fields that are waiting for your account names. This process starts with you signing up at the various sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, AddThis, etc.
Once you enter your account name in the respective field you are halfway there. The next step is to add some code inside of your template pages to render the button, or widget from the third party site. For example, if you want to see a Facebook icon that has a link to your facebook page, add this widget to your default template in the footer area: < % = facebookpage() % >. This will look in the store settings for your 'facebook page name' and render the facebook icon anywhere you drop this 'tag'.
We have other similarly styled widgets which are:
  • getaddthis() - this will insert your 'add this' icon bar
  • getlinkedin() - this will add the linked in icon and 'follower' count
  • gettwitter() - this will pull your twitter posts from twitter
  • twitterpage() - this will display the twitter icon and if clicked will take user to your twitter page
  • facebooklikeiframe() - this will render the famous facebook like button for your facebook page
Note: The widgets referenced above are all coded the same way. You wrap them in an HTML-style tag like you see above. In this help text, we have put spaces in to make the document more readable. You MUST remove the spaces for the widget to work.
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