How to change system labels like "In Stock"?

The system uses a shared .xml file stored here: d:\inetpub\countercat\templates\e-catalog\catalog\v2\catalogPartListing_lang_en.xml. Inside of this file are 'tags' that represent labels used throughout the system. The tags are in .xml format and they must maintain their exact format including CasIng.

The tag below is called 'OVERSELLNOSTOCK' and is used when the OVERSELL feature is turned on. The value displayed is 'In Stock'. You may want to override this text with something like "Call for Availability".

Steps to implement.

1. Create a file called catalogPartListing_lang_en.xml in notepad, and copy it into your templates folder.

2. Insert the following lines at the top of the file: <--?xml version="1.0"?-->

3. Next, insert the tag(s) you want to override.

4. Finaly, close the file with this closing tag

5. Save the file to your templates file and you should be done.

Note: There are many labels you may want to override. You can edit this file and add other tags to override.

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