Is there a way to include content on the top or bottom of the catalog-generated pages?

Yes there is! First a few things to take care of.
1) Go to the advanced settings and edit the field 'cepcconfig'. Insert this tag: YES
2) Create a file in your templates folder for each area of the catalog in which you want to include content. For example if you wanted to include content above the list of years in the catalog, you create a file in the templates folder named 'YR_top.wws'. This file can have any HTML in it that you want as well as other scripts and widgets. You can also create another file called 'YR_bottom.wws' that will display the generated content.
The available 'drills' are: YR,MK,MD,TL,SC,PG,PS,VI,CP,PA and the available locations are: top,bottom,right,left.
So here are some example file names you can create:
These files could have HTML content that will be included when the specified drill is displayed; or of course, they could be scripts to further fine tune it. For example the MD_top.wws could contain a DO CASE statement to check the previously selected MAKE, and add context-sensitive information.
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