Do you have a cheat sheet?

0. Main tag to put in default.wc page: This tag renders all system-generated HTML. Without it, you have nothing!

1. Drop this in the title tag of your page and we'll dynamically generate a title or use the one from your store settings.

2. Create a page to be included in your master template or any page: (This would render a page named section-side-right.wc) in any Sophio template page. It is common for your default.wc (master template) to have several of these.

3. Add social icons to a page:

4. Add Google Translate to a page:

5. Add Google Plus one to a page:

6. Add Twitter feed to a page:

7. Add Facebook page:

8. Add Twitter page:

9. Add LinkedIn page:

10. Home page: Create a file called index.wws and store it in templates folder. This file can include any of the above widgets.

11. Add store locator widget:

12. Add smart search widget:

13. Add mini-shopping cart widget:

14. Add new items widget:

15. Add promotion sign-up widget:

16. Add garage widget:

17. Add free shipping widget:

18. Add payment info widget:







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