Things to do before you go live on eBay with your Sophio powered store

1.  Visit partscenter at this link:  - Complete your seller profile.  Be sure to disable 'po boxes, us virgin islands, alaska, hawaii, and puerto rico if you are using Sophio FBS.  Sophio FBS only ships within the continental USA)

2.  Visit your Paypal settings and update your IPN (instant payment notification).  The link for that is:  - The special link you drop in to the Paypal site is located in your Payment tab of your Sophio store.  If you do not do this step and you use the eBay dashboard to manage refunds the Sophio store will not receive updates.  VERY IMPORTANT TO DO THIS!

3.  Attach your eBay store to your Sophio store.  Do that by visiting the marketplace tab in your Sophio store settings and click the 'step 1' and 'step 2' link...

4.  Make sure you understand the returns process before going live.  Do NOT allow eBay to talk you into turning on 'automated returns'.  It is very important to use RMA's with your eBay customers.  An RMA comes from Sophio (if you buy from Sophio FBS).

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