Selling Parts on eBay with Sophio and WHI

Sophio is partnered with an eBay owned company by the name of WHI Solutions.  With an eBay store powered by  WHI, a new seller will be able to list 100,000 items with zero insertion fee’s and zero cost sub-titles.  However, the program is subject to change without notice if a seller has stagnant listings.  A stagnant listing is a listing that has more than 12 months without sales.  Conversely, sellers with high performing listings may receive bonuses from eBay that include higher selling limits and an increased number of free listings.  To succeed at selling auto parts on ebay you must manage your listings, not just list them.

When you signup with WHI you will be asked by the WHI implementer to provide them with a special data feed.  Sophio will generate your data feed and send it to the WHI servers on your behalf.  At that point you will you use the WHI tool named "Ebay Link" where you can pick and choose which product lines or items to list on eBay.  We recommend that all Sophio sellers have at least one eBay store (you are allowed to have three).  

Get started with WHI by contacting them at and be sure to let them know you are using Sophio as your WMS (warehouse management system).
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