How long does it take for data to get updated on eBay?

When you make a change to a value in your Sophio store, your assumptoin should be that your ebay listings will not be updated for at least 12 hours and it can be as long as 24 hours or even a week!  This is because eBay doees not allow updates to certain values within the listing on a daily basis.  For example, the zip code or location of your part is updated only one time per week.  The qty available and sell price is updated each day though.

Consider this scenario.

1.  It is 1pm Eastern time and you make a change to the pricing models in your store.  Your B2C site is instantly updated.
2.  At midnight, the Sophio system generates a new inventory feed which is sent to your WHI ftp account.
3.  Around 6am, WHI will consume your inventory feed and send it to eBay.
4.  Once eBay receives and validates the feed, the items will begin to surface at your ebay store.  If you have hundreds of thousands of items, this takes several hours.

If you ever get into a bind and you are 'scared' you might have problems with selling below cost, you can put your eBay store in vacation mode.   Login to your ebay store and click preferences to do that.

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