Do you have a suggested ebay feed?

We sure do!  Since Fulfillment by Sophio got started by helping distributors sell on eBay we have kept a list of 'what sells'.  Each time an item sells on eBay and is fulfilled by Fulfillment by Sophio we add the brand and sku to the 'preferred list'.  The preferred list can be activated in your Sophio store by going to the 'advanced store settings' and then clicking the eBay Marketpalce tab.  You will see the option for "Fulfillment by Sophio Preferred Sku's" - enter the word TRUE and your ebay feed will include only those items that have been sold by a Fulfillment by Sophio affiliate.

As of 6/28/15 this list of items is an 'all or nothing' list.  Another words, you use this list in place of your own list.  In the near future you will be able to ADD this list to your custom feed.
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