Why am I getting orders from eBay for parts I do not stock?

If you are selling parts at your eBay store that you do not stock and you are using the WHI eBaylink tool the first thing to do is check to see whether or not Sophio sent the item to WHI in the inventory feed.   The inventory feed is created each night around midnight and is processed by WHI around 6am each day.  If Sophio is out of stock on a part, the item will NOT be in your feed.  Any part NOT in your feed, that WAS in your feed days prior will be removed from eBay and WHI's eBaylink tool (according to WHI).  If this is a regular occurrence, there could be an issue with the configuration of your eBaylink site.  Please contact WHI support and ask them to review it.  

When contacting WHI for support, you should give them a link to your eBay listing for the item you sold and tell them THIS ITEM WAS NOT SENT IN OUR FEED and should have been delisted.  You can confirm it was not sent in your feed last night by going to your Sophio control panel, clicking on the Inventory menu, and then looking for the option to "View eBay Inventory".  You can search for the item you sold in error, and you will see what was or was not sent to WHI on your behalf.  If the item was sent to WHI with stock and the qty matches what you see on eBay it means that Sophio ran out of stock on the item.  If that is the case, Sophio will attempt to second source the item on your behalf and at Sophio's expense (up to the amount we guarantee in our drop ship terms and conditions.)
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