How do I cancel an order?

If your store is configured for automatic fulfillment with Fulfillment by Sophio, your assumption should be that the order has already been sent to the supplier.  The system is automated and orders are sent to the closest supplier within 5 minutes of being received from your store.  As a result, we of course recommend waiting for confirmation from Fulfillment by Sophio before refunding your own customer.  

If you are an eBay seller and your buyer wishes to cancel here are the steps to cancel an order in your own store and with your Fulfillment by Sophio account.

1.  In your own dashboard locate the order and click 'refund' or 'void'.  This will return the money to the buyer and will send your buyer an email. 

2.  Login to your Fulfillment by Sophio account and go to your order history (  If Fulfillment by Sophio has not fulfilled the order yet, you will see a 'cancel' link.  Click that, and the order will be voided and you will be refunded.   There is typically a 30 minute window from the time the eBay buyer places an order to when Fulfillment by Sophio processes the order.  This assumes that your automatic fulfillment is activated.  If it is not, you can cancel or void an order in your own dashboard and not worry about Fulfillment by Sophio.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you do not click the 'cancel' link in your Fulfillment by Sophio account Fulfillment by Sophio's automatic order fulfillment processing will send the order to the closest supplier.  Most of the suppliers have a difficult time manually cancelling an order that is being drop shipped.  For this reason it is important that you act quickly.  

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