Sending Tax/Freight/Discounts info to my Warehouse Management System (WMS)

To send tax, freight, and discount information to a WD, we can either provide it in the comment area (not recommended), or include tax/freight/discounts as line items on the order. A  This method requires that the WD setup these 'line items' on their end and supply us with the information in the form of custom tags. A  The tags need to be edited and then added to the to the webstore's advset field in Store Settings (mainteditstore.wws):

In the example tags below you see we use the linecode ACD and example SKU names named the same as the purpose of the tag and branch 001. A These values will need to match your custom created linecode, sku, and branch values. A If this does not work for you contact your WMS provider for help. A Not all WMS' support adding tax, shipping, and discounts via sku.

Sales Tax


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