How do I send orders to the Supplier for fulfillment?

There are two modes for sending orders to your supplier.A‚A  They are manual and automatic.A‚A 
When your store is first built, the site is set to manual mode.A‚A 
Furthermore, the only supplier that supports automatic order submission (without
your intervention) is Worldpac and IMC.A‚A  This is because other catalogs require the person sending the order to answer questions about possible duplicate linecodes, alternate warehouses, and sometimes superseded part numbers.

A manual send is accomplished by clicking the Send link in your Invoice Report.
The Invoice Report is in your site's control panel (admin.epc) in the sales
section.A‚A  The link for this is [yoursite]/getinvoices.wws. You click a link to select lets say
the past seven days, and a list of invoices are displayed on the screen.A‚A 
There are five links in this report.A‚A  To send an order immediately to your
supplier, you simply click the 'send' link.A‚A  With that said, you must first
insure that payment has been received (either by cash, check, credit card,
paypal or open account).A‚A  If you have not received payment yet, then do NOT
click Send, since you will be instructing your supplier to send parts to your
customer prior to being paid for the parts.

If you want to setup automatic credit card processing click this link to get

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