Your website may not work on 6/1/2019 if you ignore this email

Dear Clients,If your site is still pointing to the ip address you MUST take action today and change your ip address to  If Sophio is managing your sites DNS at we will have done this for you.  If you are managing your own DNS you will need to go to your registrar's DNS settings and update both ...

Site Access - 3/8/19

We are currently aware of an issue affecting some of our client sites that is causing extreme loading time or time out issues.

We are working with our network provider to resolve these issue, and we apologize for the incovenience that this is causing.

Update: This issue has been resolved.

Email Hosting 2/25/19

To clients using Rackspace for email hosting, we are aware of an issue that is affecting access to emails and are currently working with Rackspace to resolve the issue.We will post updates here when we have them.Update: The issue with Rackspace has been resolved. If you are still having an issue with accessing your account, you may need to reset ...

Catalog Issue - 8/13/2018

We are aware that some of our clients are experiencing issues with obtaining parts results when doing a catalog search on their websites and have determined that the cause is a security issue.

We are treating this as priority issue and are working to resolve it as soon as we can. We apologize for the inconvenience.