How do I do an exchange?

Unfortuntaely, FBS does not allow exchanges for most return requests.  The only time we can process an exchange is when a buyer can prove that an item was damaged upon receipt.  If that happens we will need high quality digital images emailed to us so that we can send to the shipper and the supplier.  In some cases they still may ask for an item to be returned.  In most cases FBS will prepay the shipping and ask the supplier to pay us back.  There are always exceptions both that help or hurt.

If a part is lost we will not send a replcement until the supplier opens up a tracer case with the shipper and they conclude the part is in fact lost. If this happens and it is an eBay buyer we will issue credit because usually we receive credit fairly quick. However sometimes UPS or other shippers say the package was delivered satisfactorily and shows delivered to the correct address.  

If you happen to be a buyer of a part and stumbled upon this page, please contact our seller directly as they will have to work with us to determine the best course of action.

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