How do I manage a return on an eBay sale?

All returns from ebay buyers must start with your ebay buyer creating a return request on eBay. Your B2C site will automatically retrieve returns and cases from eBay when it retrieves orders so that you do not have to create them manually in your b2c store.  Another words, returns are 'mostly' automated.    

Important!  Call eBay and ask eBay to activate their SELLER RMA feature.  This will force their system to wait for your store to give the buyer the suppilers RMA.  All FBS suppliers require an RMA.  Without the RMA you will not get credits.  Sophio does not 'cross doc' returns.  In other words, you cannot send them to our office.  If a return does end up on your door step, you can of course return the part to our suppliers, you just need to be sure we give you an RMA first.

Once your B2C site has a return request, the system will automatically create a return request for you in your Fulfillment by Sophio account and your own B2C store.  IF the Fulfillment by Sophio supplier does not require RMA's, the system will automatically approve the return request (provided it is within the return policy of the supplier).  If the Fulfillment by Sophio supplier requires their own RMA there will be up to a one business day delay in the approval of the return request.  Once Fulfillment by Sophio gets the RMA from its supplier, the system will udpate your return request and your buyers return request in all locations (your site, our site, and ebay's site).  

Before the system can update eBay you must contact eBay merchant support and ask them to enable the RMA feature.   If you are a new buyer they may not enable it on your first request.  eBay considers RMA management a feature for high volume sellers.  If this is the case you will have to have buyer returns sent back to you first.   Some sellers prefer this because they are able to inspect the return and keep a tighter control.  This does add cost to the returns process, so consider your options here wisely.

Fulfillment by Sophio has many suppliers and a large volume of returns to process.  Many suppliers only inform Fulfillment by Sophio on a monthly basis as to the status of the return.  You should expect credits to take 30-60 days from the day the buyer returns the item.  It is your responsibility to get tracking numbers from your buyer on every return and you should make sure that tracking number is attached to your return request in both your own B2C site and Fulfillment by Sophio's.  Without a tracking number we are unable to prove to the supplier that the part was returned.

eBay asks the buyer for return tracking numbers as part of the no hassle return process.  Our system will retrieve the tracking number from eBay and update your stores return request so that you don't have to manualy retrieve and enter it.

Most new ebay sellers are automatically using 'no hassle returns' at ebay.  If you want more information about how it works on ebay, click here.

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