Can I have multiple catalogs at the same site?

The short answer is Yes! Sophio offers its clients many different catalogs from which to choose. There are some things to mention though. When the catalog is owned by a Warehouse Distributor, the distributor will not allow the merchant (you) to have their catalog and another distributor’s catalog on the same site for anti-competitive reasons. For example, if you want to use the Worldpac catalog and the WHI catalog, you'll have to choose which catalog to use based on the MAKE. Since Worldpac is famous for having the best IMPORT parts catalog, some clients choose BMW, MERCEDES, PORSCHE, and other German makes to use the WORLDPAC catalog, and then assign the rest of the makes to the WHI / NEXPART catalog.

With Sophio, you are able to have multiple websites each with its own catalog configuration all managed from one Sophio control panel. Each store can look and feel a bit different and offer different prices as well. Many of our clients put links on their sites to their other sites.

Another option for multiple catalogs at a single site is to determine which car make uses which catalog. The look and feel will mostly be the same. The idea here is that one distributor might specialize in a specific car make. This is very popular with our Wrenchead (WHI) catalog. Many merchants will use Wrenchead for domestic car parts and Worldpac or IMC for import car parts.

The cost for an additional store can be found on our order form page. There is normally a setup fee, a monthly support/hosting fee, and a design fee. The monthly fee for custom configurations will be determined by your sales rep or project manager.

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