How do I get an IMC-integrated website?

Last Updated July 2012.

Sophio is pleased to announce that we have the best ever IMC catalog integration we have ever had!  Sophio has worked with IMC since 2003.  Hard to believe really!  This partnership has generated millions and millions and millions in sales for IMC and its customers.  Sophio is beyond greatful to IMC for the hundreds of referrals we have received throughout the years.  Thanks Roger!  Oh, if you don't know who Roger is, you will soon.  Roger Endo is in charge of IMC's eCommerce at IMC.  He's awesome!

Sophio is an Automotive eCommerce platform.   This means you everything you need to power your site today and in the future comes from one source and is customizable by us or you and your team.  We sell our platform on a month to month basis.  We are similar to other eCommerce systems and platforms except we offer two major features that others do not.  We offer CONTENT (parts catalogs) and CONNECTIVITY for automated fulfillment from your suppliers.

The fee's an IMC integrated Sophio webstore are as follows:

  • Setup fee - $0
  • Software Support fee - $350 per month (includes our unlimited storage and bandwidth plan and unlimited EMAIL support)
  • Transaction Fee: 1.5% of sales
The only options are web design, on-site or webinar training, and telephone support.


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