How do I get a WorldPac-integrated site?

Sophio is the Exclusive WorldPac Integration Partner with over 100 successful installations to date.

If you are an existing Worldpac Web Partner, you need only provide us with your credentials (account number, user id, and password) and we will begin the build of your Worldpac-powered Sophio webstore.

If you are not a Worldpac Web Partner, you can sign-up for our 'brokered' Worldpac store. A brokered store means you would use the Sophio Worldpac account. Sophio would place orders on your behalf and charge your credit card each time your site requests an order to be fulfilled. Sophio charges a 6% markup over our cost from Worldpac to fund that service. You will be able to set your markups over your 'landed' cost. All you need is a valid credit card to get started with this program.

Fees for a brokered Worldpac webstore are the same as a non-brokered webstore; however, instead of paying the base transaction fee, you will pay a 6% transaction fee on the 'cost' of your products versus the 'sell' price.

Worldpac has a bi-annual $2,500 catalog licensing fee for their Worldpac Web Partners, but reduces this fee to $1,000 if you choose Sophio as your integration partner. If you use our brokerage service (brokered Worldpac store), there is no licensing fee paid to Worldpac, as Sophio has already covered this fee.

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