How do I send an order for fulfillment that is stuck in the portal?

Before we answer the question, it is important to first understand how the Sophio system manages the platform.  To begin with, is a Sophio 'site' just like any other Sophio site.  The primary difference is that the 'store type' is set to 'Portal' instead of 'B2C' or 'B2B' or 'Affiliate'.  The portal type store is designed primarily to forward orders it receives to other Sophio powered stores and or suppliers.  For this to work in an automated fashion, each seller must be setup as a 'supplier'.  Each supplier, must have a valid Sophio powered or Sophio integrated destination url.   An important note to consider is that all orders received by the portal should be automatically flowing to the Sophio powered stores.  If an order is 'stuck' it is likely due to an improperly configured supplier record.   The supplier record is setup manually during the on boarding of a new seller.  If the sellers store url changes after on boarding, it needs to be changed to the currently live url.  There is no automation for this at this time.

When a part is sold on  the URGID is what drives the fulfillment automation.  We store the URGID in the linecode field.   When a new part is sold the linecode is an id that the supplier requires Sophio to use for placing electronic orders.   When fulfillment takes place, the system uses the linecode to determine which 'supplier' to send the order to by querying the supplier table for a supplier by id using the linecode as its key.    Since each 'yard' is assumed to be a 'supplier' in the Sophio system, if an order is stuck, it may be that the supplier record is deleted, inactive, or non-existent.   

Furthermore, the supplier id is also known as the 'profile pk' at the database level.  This means that every lineitem must have a linecode and profile pk assigned to it for the fulfillment automation to work.  On the 'website' tab of the supplier configuration, there is a field labeled 'b2b website'.  If the supplier (yard) that is not receiving an order has a site named then enter that full url in the b2b website field.    If an order is still not being sent from the portal to the yard store, check the inventory tab of the supplier setup screen and be sure both the DCF and Seller Id contain the URGID.


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