Frequently Asked Questions about selling new parts

Q.  How do I pay for new parts that I sell from my website?

A.  All sellers will have the option to use B2C Central (our fulfillment service) for the automatic drop ship of new parts.  You will create an account and attach your credit card or Paypal account.  The page to get started is createbrokerageaccount.wws (add this page to your store link or choose it from the Supplier menu in your dashboard).

Q.  What is the transaction fee on new parts sold? 

A.  Typically, the transaction fee on new part sales matches those of recycled parts sold.  Check with your program manager to confirm.

Q.  How do shipping charges work?

A.  B2C Central charges a flat rate for shipping, regardless of weight and dimension.  The flat rate shipping charge starts at $9.25 for each box, for all customers.  High volume sellers will be able to get rates as low as $7.50 per box once their sales history is established.

Q.  Who pays for return shipping?

A.  It is up to the seller to pay for all returned shipping - even when your consumer orders an incorrect part, or 'it does not fit'.  For more information on processing returns, please click here.

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