Who pays the shipping when a return or defect or cancellation or damaged item received occurs?

Sophio offers three modes of shipping calculation. Either 'pre negotiated flat rate', 'actual order based our account', or 'actual order based your account'.  Flat rate shipping is a negotiated amount that is based on your monthly volume.  It can range from $10-$15 per order, while 'order based' shipping is determined by the carriers (Fedex, UPS, USPS) invoice.   

When an order is returned for any reason, the assumption is that the outbound shipping cost is a loss, and a 'cost of doing business'.  Sophio will not issue a replacement without a new order being placed and Sophio will not automatically refund any shipping.   However, if a Sophio affiliate can provide proof of damage, Sophio will file a claim on behalf of the affiliate with the carrier.  Proof typically comes in the form of a completed claim form and pictures that can be sent to the carrier so that reimbursement may be available.  

Click here to download the claim form.

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