How does this all work?

There are several systems involved with having a fully automated eBay store that is powered by the Sophio platform.  Each system has a web site along with its own user id and password.  It is possible to sync the sites to have the same credentials, but that is a security risk and is not considered a 'best practice'.  Let's pretend the name of your business is:  You would have the following sites and links bookmarked in your browser.

1.  Sophio Support: - Use this site to submit questions and read articles like you are reading now about using the Sophio platform.  If you are a Sophio licensed account, you will pay for our support service with a credit card at this site.  If this card expires the system will email you.  This is not the same place you store your credit card for parts purchases.  

2.  Your 'control panel' for your own B2C store:  (assuming you own the domain name - The user id and password for your store was emailed to you when we first created your b2c store.  If you lose the password we can reset it for you if access the Sophio support site (, or you can click the 'reset password link'.  You will manage your orders, products, customers, and store settings here.

3.  If you are an eBay seller and you are using the WHI ebay link listing tool you will access it at this link:  - The user and password will come from  your WHI implementer.  Please do not send support requests for WHI related questions to the Sophio support link.  The WHI support team does not have access.

4.  Your eBay store - (click 'my ebay')

5.  If you use Sophio to drop ship orders to your buyers (even once in a while) you will have an account in FBS.  Access your FBS account here: - Notc.  Your FBS account number, user id, and password is stored in the Supplier record for FBS in your B2C site (accessed at #2 on this list).  

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