What is FBS?

FBS is the order fulfillment division of Sophio.  Businesses of all shapes and sizes use FBS to automate the fulfillment of their orders for automotive parts and accessories.   If you were not aware, Sophio got started in 1999 as an eCommerce platform for eTailers.  Most of our clients throughout the years have been brick and mortar auto part stores,  warehouse distributors, and small auto parts manufacturers who sell direct to the end user.  Most if not all of them have had a difficult time competing with the large marketplaces who aggregate inventory from thousands of sellers.   The main problem is that a typical jobber or distributor carries less than 75,000 items in stock.  Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon have millions of items in stock.   To even the playing field, Sophio reached out to its seller community and established itself as a wholesaler itself.  Sophio makes the items from its clients available to all sellers via a single web service.  That service is FBS.   

Some of our sellers are large warehouse distributors and or manufacturers who offer drop shipping to end users.  Sophio spent the last 20 years curating a network of top-notch players that understand eCommerce, and the net result is a huge catalog of items from more than 800 unique manufacturers with a total sku count of 1.2 million.   FBS receives orders from sellers websites who need parts drop shipped to end users.  Since FBS is a Sophio service, your Sophio store is tightly integrated into it.   When a seller sends an order to FBS, the order is then transmitted to a warehouse distributor who will pick, pack, and ship the order the same day.  In fact, to be an FBS supplier you must offer same day shipping and your cutoff must be no earlier than 4pm. 

Just to be clear, FBS is a fulfillment service that can be used by any seller.  If you have your own ecommerce platform and only want us to handle drop shipping, that is fine.  We have api's available to integrate a catalog of products for which we can drop ship.  We do this for sellers who sell at their own websites, eBay, and Amazon as well.  If you want us to merge your inventory with our inventory that too is possible.  The idea being that we can choose the best price from all of your sources.

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