Getting started. Help us help you!

Setting up a retail site requires planning.  Help us help you by answering the following questions.

1. Do you have an existing website that you want to add ecommerce to? 

2. Do you want to sell regionally, nationally, or internationally? 

3. Do you want to offer in store pickup and drop ship or both?

4. What are your annual sales expectations from your B2c site? 

5. What type of business are you? big box retailer, new car dealer, jobber, warehouse distributor, manufacturer, or pure dot com? 

6. Will you accept special orders at your site, or do you only want to sell what is in stock? 

7. Do you have a marketing budget or is the website cost the budget for marketing (please share your monthly ad spend budget)?  

8. Do you want same or different prices on your ebay or other marketplace stores? 

9. Do you require automation for price and availability and or order fulfillment (if yes, which of the three)? 

10. Do you have your own web designer or agency that knows how to code in Bootstrap 3.x? 


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