How much does Fulfillment by Sophio charge for shipping?

By default all packages go 'best way' which is typically UPS ground, Fedex Ground, or USPS.  A flat rate charge of $11.25 is used for all sellers.  As your account grows, contact us and we will review the actual shipping costs and adjust the flat rate charge.  There are some exclusions to the flat rate which include, multi box orders, multi supplier orders, and 'stock orders'.  The flat rate we charge to sellers is intended to cover the average cost of all shipping in a given month for hundreds or thousands of orders.  Most of our sellers are adding the $11.25 to their pricing markups so that they offer free ground shipping on eBay or Amazon.  You can make this change by going to your pricing maintenance and editing the pricing model you want to change and enter the value 11.25 in the 'shipping' field.

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