How does pricing work?

All Fulfillment by Sophio customers receive the same cost.  Each night, we update our inventory table with the most recent 'best price' that we get from our manufacturers and distributors.  We collect inventory from over 100 distributors and figure out who has the best price and shipping rates along with the most stock and best return policies.  This is the secret to our success!    

Prices do change daily, which is why your site must use a cost + markup system.  If you are a Sophio seller, you will be focused on managing the field 'cstmarkup' in the pricing models screen.  The page for pricing management is mainteditpricing.wws (just add this to your stores url).

It is highly recommended to use price matrix markups when creating your own selling price structure.  Another words, a $1 part might have a 300% markup, whereas a $100 part may have a 25% markup.  Think about it yourself.  When you need something (not want something) you will generally have a price in mind that will cause you NOT to shop for a better price.  For some people a $20 is fine, for others $20 bucks is gas, lunch and a red bull...  You get the idea.

When you submit your order to Fulfillment by Sophio for fulfillment there is a chance that the cost of the part is slightly more or less than when you sold it.  This can occur if the item you sold was added to your shopping cart a day or a week or even a month before the buyer checked out. 
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