What is B2C Central?

B2C Central is Sophio's partner who offers a parts brokerage service.  Sophio sellers of all shapes and sizes use B2C Central to fulfill their orders.  Here's how it works.

Step 1 - Signup for an account with b2cCentral by clicking here.  You need a credit card.  There is no charge, but b2cCentral will charge your credit card each time you place an order for them to drop ship.
Step 2 - Your Sophio store will have b2c Central as a 'supplier'.  When it comes time to 'send' an order, you click 'send' (big shock right?) and then you will have an option to send the order to B2C Central.  

That's it!

Click here to visit b2c Central's support site:  http://www.b2ccentral.com/support/
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