How much space will my store take ?

When we create your store it will require about 8 megabytes of storage.  Adding a custom web design might take up another 5-10 megabytes.   Similar to your mobile phone, each time you make a call, download an app, import a song, watch a video, or something else, a log file is created and or files are copied to the device.  The same is true for your web store.  The more your site is used, the more storage it will require.   A client who sells $100,000 per month will take about a year to use 2 gigabytes of storage.  If you upload your own content obviously you will use the storage more quickly.

If your site exceeds your plan storage, we'll send you a warning email and if you do not react, we'll simply upgrade your account to the next level.  If you want to remove products or log files you can do so from the control panel or via FTP.
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