You guys do not support my preferred payment gateway, what's next?

If you cannot find the payment gateway you want to use on this page: we can custom integrate any gateway for you.  We have three levels of integration for payment gateway.  Each level requires more development time.  This is how it works.

Level 1 Integration = authorize and charge without logging: 10 hours (estimated not to exceed 25%)

Level 2 Integration = authorize and charge with logging : 20 hours (estimated not to exceed 25%)

Level 3 Integration = authorize and charge and refund with logging : 30 hours (estimated not to exceed 25%)

If you want to get started please purchase in advance the number of hours above and provide us with the url to the documentation of the payment gateway.

Note:  Sophio recommends using Paypal web payments pro because they offer a maximum rate of 2.9% - even for American Express Corporate Cards which is totally unheard of!

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