What are the licensing options and configurations for a WHI-powered B2C NexpartB2C eStore?

Updated January 2012

WHI offers three catalogs that can be used at your B2C webstore: The Aftermarket catalog, the All Makes/Models OE Mechanical and Collision catalog(New Car Dealers only), and the OE Accessories catalog (New Car Dealers Only). The Aftermarket catalog has over 1,500 brands spanning vehicle years 1950 to the current model year. The catalog is primarily a 'hard parts' catalog but also carries some high-performance and accessory brands. Your WHI sales rep can share the master line-card with you upon request. Anyone can license the Aftermarket catalog for use in their Sophio eStore. The OE or 'Original Equipment' catalogs are based on OE part numbers and can only be licensed by franchised car dealers. Some exceptions can be made if the client can prove dealership affiliation, such as a used car dealer owned by a new car dealership of a different name. It is best to check with your WHI salesrep before coming to your own conclusion about whether or not you qualify.

First, there are 'connected' and ‘disconnected’ sites. A connected site is a B2C site that gets its pricing and stock availability via a web service that connects to a warehouse management system. A disconnected site is one that gets its pricing from the catalog or the website that hosts it. A disconnected site knows nothing about actual availability or real-time pricing. Disconnected sites often have outdated or incomplete pricing, or pricing that is being managed on a part number-by-part number basis by the merchant. Disconnected sites are always faster than connected sites. A connected site queries a warehouse management or dealer management system in "real time", meaning the user waits while the system does the stock check prior to seeing a search result. A connected site might use one web service for pricing, and another web 'integrated' site for order fulfillment. For example, you may use your own system for pricing, and then 'drop ship' an order via another integrated seller.

Second, there are integrated and non-integrated sites. An integrated site is a 'connected' site that is 'integrated' with a seller’s warehouse management system. A non-integrated Sophio web store can be connected to any Nexpart distributor provided the seller has licensed the complete Nexpart B2C solution.

For merchants that sell products outside of the Nexpart network and need catalog only, a product is in development to support these types of integrations.

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