What is the least expensive way to get started?

The least expensive way to get started with us is to signup for our brokered Worldpac catalog plan.  At only $99 per month  you save yourself an instant $2500 which is what Worldpac charges all 'web partners'.  Just because you might already be a Worldpac customer does not give you the license that you need to use the Worldpac Speed Dial catalog at your web store.  We have paid that fee on your behalf and can let you use our license.  The 'catch' is that you have to also buy through our Worldpac account.  When you buy through our account, you have to treat us as you would treat Worldpac.   Meaning, if you have a problem you call US not Worldpac.  

If you were to sign-up with Worldpac directly for their 'web partner' program, the cost is $2,500 every two years payable to Worldpac for  the license and ability to use their catalog at your own webstore.  You may wait anywhere from 2 to 12 months to get approved as well.  Contact Buddy Crowley at Worldpac to confirm pricing and availability.  There have been some large Worldpac clients who already qualified to receive a license based on their annual volumes.  New customers to Worldpac are not eligible for the Web Partner program, this is the reason they allow us to broker sales for them.

Currently, we allow our merchants to charge their consumers credit card directly via a payment gateway.  This means that when you sell a part the charge on the buyers credit card is 'your business name' and not ours.  To signup for credit card processing, please visit this link:  http://www.sophio.com/acceptcreditcards.asp to learn about the program.




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