Evertec Payment Gateway

To Enable Evertec payment option you need to add follow tags to ADVSET field in admin control panel->Store Settings

Required tags
TRUE - Enable payment option and make it visible on checkout page
- Merchant ID obtained from Evertec
- Merchant Password obtained from Evertec

Optional Tags
en - language of payment page (en - English, es - Espanol)
- Types of payments that the Merchant can block. Here is complete list:

Code Description
V Visa
M MasterCard
W Personal Checking
S Personal Saving
C Business Checking
T TEL Checking A¢â‚¬â€œ telephone payment with checking account
U TEL Saving A¢â‚¬â€œ telephone payment with savings account

Example of use: AVM - indicates that such methods of payment as ATH, Visa
and MasterCard will be ignored (will not be shown in the CPS window)

Important Notes!!! To get Online Response to Payment URL must be set at Evertec side for Merchant. URL looks like https://yourdomain.com/evertecresponse.wws
It is necessary that the site has a registered, valid and up-to-date security certificate (https).
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