Why is Sophio short paying some of my invoices?

Sophio FBS pricing is based on its suppliers nightly inventory and pricing feeds.  The cost the supplier puts in the data feed will be the cost used on Sophio's purchase orders.  In the past, Sophio requested suppliers to only give us 'online wholesale' in their data feed.  As of 8/1/2021 Sophio announced that suppliers can in fact charge Sophio ANY price they wish, however there is a catch.   If your data feed price exceeds the Part Share Online Wholesale price, Sophio will set your qty available to zero.

Since Sophio is a Network owned company, the Network content team is managing the online wholesale pricing.  The 'online wholesale' pricing in Part Share is the 'max' price you should charge Sophio.   If the item in your inventory is not in Part Share than you are free to charge Sophio any price you wish.  Just be sure that the invoice price matches the data feed price.

If your system returns a different price when we send the order electronically, we will pay the amount provided to us in the nightly feed.  If your system invoices us for LESS than the data feed, we will pay the HIGHER amount.  Conversely, if the data feed is lower than the invoiced price, we will pay the data feed price.  Sophio Suppliers can discover issues with their data feed by logging into the supplier portal and reviewing the 'data feed' cost issues.

Lastly, you may discover there are deductions for return allowances, retailer penalties, missing credits, and unrecognized invoices (cancelled but invoiced anyway).  Return allowances are deducted in lieu of actual  returns.  Retailer penalties are charged to Sophio when orders are shipped late or cancelled due to manual back orders.  Missing credits are items that Sophio returned to your warehouse, but for one reason or another you did not credit us and did not 'write it off'.  Sophio gives suppliers 60 days to process returns before deducting for missing credits.

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