How do you choose what can be sold online?

Our strategy for selling parts online includes selling profitable items first and foremost. A profitable item is typically one that is easy to pack, easy to ship, and easy to install.  Having said that, there are items that slip into our inventory feeds that fail all three tests.  They might be too heavy to ship, or they might be too long to pack in a box, or they might require a degree in astrophysics to install.  When we encounter items like this we set the stock to 0 and hide the items from our marketplace data feeds.  You may discover from time to time that these items are 'in stock' but not available at your ebay or Amazon stores but are available at your b2c site.  This is because many of our b2c sellers offer in-store pickup and stock their own parts.  So, if you notice that you sold an item last week that is now not available, it may be because Sophio discovered that the true cost to sell the item exceeded the potential profit. Our goal is to have you trust our data feed to make selling parts online as painless as possible.

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