How does sales tax work with Sophio FBS?

Sophio is based in Tennessee.  As such, we charge sales tax on orders that are shipped or delivered to end users in Tennessee.  The only time we do not charge sales tax to Tennessee end users is if the buyer (including affiliates and resellers) has provided us with a valid Tennessee Reseller Certificate.   If you discover that Sophio has charged you sales tax and you are an affiliate (reseller), please be sure to upload your TN sales tax certificate in your own Sophio web store.  You do this at the 'supplier level' in the supplier maintenance page (maintvendorprofiles.wws).    If you are an eBay seller and your business is located in FL for example, you should have eBay charge buyers in TN and FL.  This way when we Sophio charges you sales tax, you will have aleady collected sales tax from your buyer.

If Sophio has charged you for sales tax in states other than TN, there is most likely a problem with your stores configuration.  Please submit a ticket and ask us to review it.
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