How do transaction fee's make there way into my invoice downloads?

Sophio does not charge its customers a transaction fee when orders are fulfilled via Sophio FBS.  The Sophio system does allow a seller to enter an estiamted transaction fee in various areas of the advanced settings.  You may enter an estimated transcation fee in the payment tab so that you can estimate the 'net' cash you will receive after the payment gateway takes their share.   We suggest entering at least 2.9% in the payment tab.  If you are an Amazon or eBay seller you should enter the rate you have agreed to pay the marketplace.  eBay part sellers are typically paying 8% while Amazon sellers pay 14%.  Keep in mind  that Amazon is also charging your consumer's credit card which means you are not paying a fee for the payment on Amazon in addition.    For more information, please contact support if you have trouble identifying these settings in your control panel.
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