How is selling on Amazon different than selling on eBay with Sophio?

The main difference between selling on Amazon and eBay is that with eBay you are expected to figure out the 'fitment' on each part.  eBay allows sellers to create their entire listing 'from scratch', whereas on Amazon it is up to the seller to figure out 'what sku does Amazon use for the parts that I can sell'?  Amazon refers to their sku (part number) as an ASIN.  This stands for Amazon Stock Identification Number. Every item you want to sell on Amazon needs an ASIN.

When you get started selling on Amazon with Sophio, Sophio will generate a data feed for Amazon on your behalf with ASIN's.  This means you do not have to do anything special, you just need to set your selling price markups in your Sophio store and away you go!

When you sell on eBay and you use the Sophio platform, Sophio creates a data feed for you in the WHI Solutions format.  We then send the file each day to an FTP site on the WHI server.  WHI will consume the data feed and turn it into ebay listings automatically.  The product they sell to make that possible is called eBay link.  There is a setup fee, a support fee, and a transaction fee from WHI to make this happen.  Is it worth it?  YES.  Most of our sellers sell twice as much on eBay as they do on Amazon.  We recommend selling EVERYWHERE you can, so it is not a choice between the two, it is just a matter of timing.
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