How do I deactivate specific brands from inventory feeds I use with FBS?

If you are a pro seller who has relationships with suppliers you are likely using FBS in conjunction with your own data feeds.  You may discover that FBS has better pricing or a greater selection on a particular lne and as a result you want to disable specific linecodes from your supplier or your own inventory.  The steps to do this are:

1.  login to your dashboard
2.  choose supplier maintenance from the supplier menu
3.  click search to find the supplier you want to add the line code exclusion rule to
4.  click 'edit' and update the settings with this tag:  <EXCLUDELINECODES>9999,9999,9999</EXCLUDELINECODES>

Notice that the tag has three linecodes all with the same value of 9999.  You can enter a delimited list of supplier linecodes =.  Be careful not to add spaces and if you use letters make sure they are in caps.

The next time the inventory is built, these linecodes will be EXCLUDED.
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