Can I add my own inventory and use Fulfillment by Sophio catalog?

The short answer is YES.  You have to first decide if you want to be a 'user' or a 'supplier' or both.  A user is a seller who uploads their own inventory and ships orders without Fulfillment by Sophio.  A 'supplier' may have their own retail site and is specifically hoping to receive orders from other Fulfillment by Sophio users.  If you are a warehouse distributor and want to drop ship orders on behalf of Fulfillment by Sophio sellers, then contact Fulfillment by Sophio sales.  

If you are a seller and have a few thousand items that you wish only to sell from your own site, then the answer is year make model lookup will not display your items.  This is because you are using the 'shared' Fulfillment by Sophio catalog.  Fulfillment by Sophio only adds authorized suppliers to its catalog.  If you want your own faceted catalog made up of your inventory plus Fulfillment by Sophio you must contact WHI and purchase a license to build your own faceted catalog.  If you cannot afford the license you can contact your supplier and ask them to contact Fulfillment by Sophio and if Fulfillment by Sophio adds them to their catalog, 'away you go...'.

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