Do you support Yotpo reviews?

We do!  Simply go to the website and create an account.  Once you get to their install instructions, you will see a line of code that looks like this:

< script > var yotpo_app_key = "9XuguNJzGSTT2KZoBnMUavEyREs7hvugzBUxDm3Z";< / script >

This script has the 'yotpo key' inside of it.  In the example above the key is:  9XuguNJzGSTT2KZoBnMUavEyREs7hvugzBUxDm3Z

Copy your sites key into your clipboard (with ctrl+c or right click copy, etc...), then visit your storesetup.wws page and click the SOCIAL tab.  That's right SOCIAL because REVIEWS are SOCIAL!

You will see a field for the yotpo key.  Paste the key in and hit save.

Your store should now render the Yotpo widget on the product detail page.  If it does not, edit your store settings and make sure you are using the itemwhdv2.wws in the 'defpage' field to override the default.

That should do it!


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