How do I add a CNAME record at my registrar to point to my NexpartB2C store?

When your Sophio store was created, we create a record in our SOPHIO dns with your store name and or domain name.  For example, if you own, we would create as an A record in our DNS.  Since we have many servers that may host your website, you do not want 'hard code' an IP address when changing your domain to ours.  What you want to do is create a CNAME record.  The CNAME record allows you to point to the Sophio   record which means we are able to host your site across many ip addresses (servers) and never have to bug you about changing the ip.  Here are some notes regarding the creation of the CNAME record.

1.  There will usually be two fields where you can enter information for the CNAME record. These may be called: (1) Alias and Point to or Other Host; (2) Host Name and URL; or (3) Name and Value.

2.  Most of the time, you should enter www for the first field (Alias, Host Name, Name, etc). If you are mapping a subdomain like then you would enter store instead of www. Pay attention to any special instructions your registrar may have for this field.

3.  For the second field (Point to, Other Host, URL, Value, etc) enter making sure to *NOT* include http:// at the beginning and making sure to *NOT* include your store URL after

4.  Some registrars may require you to enter in a certain way, such as adding a dot at the end, so look carefully for any instructions on the page about doing this. After you’ve entered the information for your CNAME record, save your changes.

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