I sell a ton of parts. Should I sell ads, too?

If you check your Google Analytics, you will see that 75% of your visitors leave after seeing your home page. This likely means they were not interested in what you have to sell. If you are like the rest of us, you are likely paying a lot of money to get these visitors to your site. They they leave! WTF???

Well, one way to reduce the cost of abandonment is to augment your advertising WITH advertising. Another words, display ads on your site--not ads that compete with what you offer, but ads that might be relevant to your visitors. If you take a look at eBay, or Buy.com, or even Amazon, you will see all of them have ads scattered throughout their pages. The concept is simple: We know you're going to shop, so we might as well get paid for helping you leave if you choose to do so.

There are three types of online advertising. These include:

CPA - cost per acquisition (The advertiser pays the publisher when there is a sale as a result of a click through.)

CPC - cost per click (The advertiser pays the moment the ad is clicked.)

CPM - cost per thousand 'impressions' - a.k.a. the banner ad, or display ad, similar to a billboard or radio/tv/newspaper ad.

Any of the three types of ads will make you money. The ad type to make you the most money is the CPM. A CPM ad does not require any action by the visitor. It just has to display your ad on your website. Convincing an advertiser that your traffic is worthy is the hardest part of selling CPM ads. This is why most publishers like you hire an Ad Network. The Ad Network's job is to tell the potential advertiser how amazing you and your company and website are. After that, the rest is pretty easy to figure out. You just deposit all the cash.

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