How do I a refund a client when doing a return request?

In order to refund a client via return request, you must first figure out it the order was actually shipped.  You do this by looking for the order in the invoice report, either by day, or by invoice number.    Your customer should be responsible for returning the part to you or your store via UPS or USPS.   Most storeowners pay the freight when it was the store's error, and require the consumer to cover the freight when it was their error.  The the store owner should check to see if the items:

  • Are in their original packaging
  • Are not used, installed, or disassembled
  • Are not damaged due to incorrect installation
  • Do not having missing parts, hardware or instructions

A store owner should also remind a customer that the following orders are not returnable:

  • Special Ordered Items 
  • Automotive repair manuals
  • Electrical Parts and Components (Such as: ECU's, Push Button Units, relays, air mass meters, etc)
  • Any item deemed not returnable prior to sale

Once the store owner has conducted an inspection of the return, and verified that the return meets the above guidelines, the store owner returns the items to the supplier.  In turn the supplier will issue credit.  The store owner goes to their Sophio Invoice Report and obtains the Transaction ID from the Credit Card Merchant.  Finally, store owner goes to the Credit Card Merchant's Virtual Terminal and performs the credit manually, referencing the original invoice number created by the Sophio store.  All applicable sales taxes will be refunded.  It is up to you to whether the customer should pay a restocking fee.  The issue of whether to cover the costs of other charges is entirely up to you.  It's your business and your policy.

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