When do I start to pay monthly support?

Sophio's policy on monthly support works like most other web-hosting companies. The day you sign up at https://billing.sophio.com is the day your support account is activated. We call this your 'anniversary date' and our system will invoice you on or about the same day each month. We will charge your credit card that is on file for the amount of your package. This amount will not change, and you will control upgrades and or downgrades.

When you sign up, we create a web store for you, and give you access to email, ftp, and your unlimited storage and unlimited traffic (bandwidth) website. We also provide support by phone, email, and or live chat. These services start immediately.

Some of our special deals with third parties have contracts that have modified terms and conditions. The terms and conditions found at http://www.sophio.com/terms.asp will be considered the most current terms and conditions.

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