Terminology used in Basecamp

Basecamp Terms

1.A  Messages - Message are a place to hold specific notes and comments regarding specific topics such as web store creation, credit card processing, etc...

2.A  To-do's - These are the detailed tasks that normally belong to a to-do list.A  To-do lists belong to milestones and must be completed (checked off) before a milestone is considered complete.

3.A  Milestones - These are deadlines that we set for a given to-do list.

4.A  Writeboards - A place to put ideas and or descriptions for aspects of a project that do not belong to a message.

5.A  Time - Used to track time on given tasks (not currently in use)

6.A  Files - files we attach to projects.A  these could be web design mockups, data files, or anything that anyone assigned to a project might need to share with the team

Message Info (fields)

1.A  Client Account Number (WHMCS):A  When you or a customer creates their account in the Sophio billing system (https://billing.sophio.com) the sytem assigns a three digit account id.A  You will see the account id preceding the clients name.

2.A  Store id (storepk):A  When Sophio support creates the clients new store, the system automatically creates a new 'storepk'.A  The Store Primary Key is a value used in each and every table of the store database.A  If a client has many webstores they will have many storepk's.A  The unique id that relates to a specific client is the Client Account Number found in the WHMCS system.

3.A  New Domain Name:A  This is the clients new store name.A  This may not be known at the time the client signs up.A  If this is the case we must use a 'working' name so that the store can be built and a temporary url created.

4.A  Site Type (Integrated vs Non-Integrated):A  An integrated Sophio webstore means that the clients web store checks his warehouse management system for stock availability and pricing not someone elses.A  A non-integrated web store means that the clients web store does NOT check his own warehouse.A  Non Integrated clients may or may not have a warehouse of parts.A  Non Integrated clients may partner with a third party warehouse to get pricing and stock availability.A  This does not change their account status to Integrated however.A  We sometimes refer to these types of clients as B2BC.

5.A  Catalog Type (OE WHI/AFMKT WHI,WPAC, IMC, OWN):A  OE WHI = Original Equipment catalog supplied by WHI Solutions.A  This catalog can only be licensed to Factory Authorized New Car Dealers.A  AFMKT WHI = Aftermarket catalog supplied by WHI Solutions.A  This catalog houses over 1500 manufacturer catalogs and can be licensed by any business.A  WPAC = Worldpac's proprietary Foreign and Domestic Catalog.A  IMC = IMC's proprietary Foreign and Domestic Catalog.

6.A  Current URL:A  This is the URL that Sophio creates for the clients webstore.A  It starts off as an ip address then a virtual, then once the client changes their DNS to point to our server, the domain name is used.A  An example url is:A - we always add the welcome.wws page to the url becuse it is the clients 'welcome page' and makes it easy for us to see everything there is to see about the website.

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