Does NexpartB2C support PayPal Web Payments Pro?

The short answer is YES. However, do not be confused by PayPal Checkout and Web Payments Pro. Web Payments Pro is a replacement for a traditional gateway such as If you are certain you have a PayPal Web Payments Pro account then the directions below will help you get it going at your Sophio webstore.

Step 1 - Go to your control panel (admin.epc)
Step 2 - Click the store settings link in the administration section (mainteditstore.wws)
Step 3 - Click 'edit'
Step 4 - Scroll to the field 'merchant' (or press ctrl+f and type in merchant)
Step 5 - Enter the word 'PAYPALGATEWAY'
Step 6 - In the field 'merchantid', enter the PayPal API user ID that they gave
you. (It usually has your account name and the letters 'API' in it somewhere like
Step 7 - In the field 'merchantke', enter the PayPal API password that they gave you
Step 8 -
Request an API certificate from PayPal. Instructions on how to do so are here:
Step 9 - Contact Sopio Support and give them your PayPal API certificate to be installed on Sophio servers.

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