How do I use coupons or the discount feature?

The coupon maintenance link in the admin.epc (control panel) is used to create coupons that you can give to your customers either by phone or email.

The simple idea is this.  You create a coupon id and enter in the specific discount in dollars or a % to discount off an entire order.  You can enter the starting and ending date for the discount and whether or not it can be used once or many times.  Once you click SAVE the shopping cart will be enabled to accept discounts. A small box will appear at the bottom right of the cart, and this is where the customer can enter in the discount.  If the consumer received the id in an email from you, then the discount will be pre-filled in this box.

You and your consumer will see the discount on the checkout page and it will be stored in the discount and discountid fields of the invoice header for future analysis.

To get started, click the coupon maintenance link in the admin menu (the page is mainteditdiscount.wws), and enter your new coupon id and click 'add'. The remaining fields should be self explanatory.  The type field should be either a % or $.  If your using a %, the amount could be 10.00 (10%) same as the $.

An example of a link to give to a client:

When the above link is clicked, the consumer will be able to choose his year and the discountid will already be loaded.

Another example could be:

This would load 1999 BMW into the catalog and also have the discount id saved.

Note: If you check the ONE TIME box, the system will prevent the buyer from using the coupon again, if they use the same computer and same browser over and over again.  If the same customer visited the site with a different computer, or used a different web browser they WOULD be able to use that coupon again.

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