How does Credit Card Processing work?

Sophio supports many different payment gateways for processing Credit Cards.A  Our preferred gateway is Authorize.NET as they are the largest on the Net with well over 300,000 merchants.A  Our software simply integrates
with them, so all Approvals or Declines are happening on their server.A  Authorize.NET allows their merchants to accept MC/VISA/Discover/Diners/Checks and debit cards.A  The rates range from 2.15-2.29% and .25 per transaction.A 
The monthly fee is $15 per month and if you signup from Sophio you will not pay a setup fee.

Your site can be configured to process cards in real time or after you areA certain product is available for shipment.A  We refer to this as 'manual' orA 'automatic' mode.A  Most of our clients prefer the 'manual' mode whichA requires only a single click to get a cards approval.A  The idea here isA that the consumer will not be charged until the merchant is sure he can fulfillA the order.A  If items are on backorder or out of stock, the consumer willA only be charged for what is available, resulting in fewer actual charges orA refunds.A  Also, by keeping the site in 'manual' mode you give the consumerA time to make some changes before he is charged (which is common).

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